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the diagnosis

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This is a post about how I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and what I think it means for me – and for the walk. When I got on a flight to Frankfurt at the beginning of June, I felt happy and scared at once. Happy, because I was hoping to finally get vaccinated […]


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We all refer to each other using different names. My German friends call me Christoph. In English I usually introduce myself as Chris. Over in China some people know me as Leike, or rather: Laolei. And I like to imagine that my cats refer to me as The Fun-Thing™. Lately I seem to have acquired […]

Strudel and Misha

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When I was about to return to Tbilisi from Frankfurt, I felt nervous. Would my luggage be overweight? Had I forgotten anything important? Would I be able to catch my connecting flight? And, most importantly: would the cats still recognize me? A friend had been taking care of the apartment and of the cats for […]