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Last day, last bowl of noodle soup: Ever the connoisseur of good things, I had acquired a bottle of the V: I was going to drink some of it on the beach before my flight, but when I sat down to have my noodle soup, I was still sober. This was when she appeared: She […]

bar flirt in party town

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Last day before my flight to Aktau. And remember how a week earlier I told you about my night of dancing at Sektor 8, and about how certain people claimed that Baku was supposed to be a major party destination? Well, it turned out that Baku was actually rather quiet on weekdays, even in the […]

authentic Haiwaiian shirts for sale (just not here)

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I wanted a goddamned Hawaiian shirt: a short-sleeved, collared, printed shirt. Possibly with some flowers on it. With palm trees. Or with some goddamned pineapples. So I went to the bazaar: Well, actually I went to two bazaars, first the old one then the new one. Neither of them had anything that came even remotely […]