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November 24th, 2023


This post is about a 19km walk from Heldra to Hülfensberg. I wake up in a beautiful old guest house and get lost trying to find a monastery. I had decided to stay the night in a guesthouse that seemed relatively affordable. Little did I know it was an absolute fucking gem. the house A […]

November 23rd, 2023

humid continental

This post is about a 17km walk from Ifta to Heldra. After a cold morning, I buy a wrench, and then I go to a warm place. A cold night. Or rather: a warm night in my thick winter sleeping bag, but an utterly cold morning. Putting on my clothes, brushing my teeth, having a […]

November 22nd, 2023

where are your nazis?

This post is about a 20km walk from Eisenach to Ifta. I look for signs of neo-nazism in Eisenach and end up on a goat farm. I spent two days in the city of Eisenach. Got a new spare wheel for the Caboose (the old one was beyond repair), did my laundry, looked for signs […]

November 19th, 2023

fallen trees and forgotten men

This post is about a 14km walk from Unkeroda to Eisenach. I struggle with some fallen trees in a forest, and I visit the Wartburg. It felt good to put on my pants, fleece, jacket, wool hat, gloves, and shoes. All of them had been on the radiators all night, and they were nicely dry […]

November 18th, 2023

cold + warm

This post is about a 13km walk from Marksuhl to Unkeroda. I stay at a spiritual commune, then an unknown voice saves me from the rain. The night before had been difficult. The Caboose and I were in a forest, it was raining, and it was dark, when her left wheel gave out. She made […]

November 17th, 2023


This post is about a 21km walk from Vacha to Marksuhl. I cross the Bridge Of Unity and see a weird street sign. I stayed in Vacha for another day. The reason wasn’t just my laziness, I had a meeting. Not sure what’s going to come out of it, but maybe one day in the […]

November 15th, 2023

tiny rainbows

This post is about a 16km walk from Geisa to Vacha. It’s my first walking day in former East Germany, and the rain does not stop. I had spent the night in a small and cheap guesthouse. There were two other guests in blue overalls who had arrived in their company van. My room had […]

November 14th, 2023

Point Alpha

This post is about a 20km walk from Hünfeld to Geisa. I cross the former inner German border and look at Point Alpha. Breakfast in the monastery was awesome. I ate, filled up my thermos flasks with hot water, then I put on my poncho and walked out of Hünfeld. the road to East Germany […]

November 13th, 2023


This post is about an 18km walk from Fulda to Hünfeld. I wonder about shoes, walk next to a busy road, and end up in a monastery. Shoes had always been an important part of The Longest Way. Back in 2007, I had started out wearing hiking boots made of leather. They were durable but […]

What’s up

This site

is about my attempt to walk from Beijing to my home in Bad Nenndorf in Germany. If you want to read up on the story of the walk you can click on the The Blog archive or just use the map above in order to navigate between posts.

If you just want to get a general idea of the whole thing, you could refer to The Plan, and in case you have any specific questions, make sure to check out my FAQ section.

Another thing you can do is download the Google Earth file. It's fun to use if you're on a computer because it's just so detailed. I have added a lot of information to the daily tracks: things like landmarks, dancing locations, borders, and historical sights.

Or you could just go and read one of my books (in German, Chinese, or Russian).


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I write

a blog post for every single walking day and for many of the resting days as well. I enjoy it a lot, but since it's a lot of work I usually lag behind a bit (by a few days or weeks).

If you want to know how far the walk from Beijing to Bad Nenndorf has come right now, you can go check my Instagram account. I've recently started posting live updates there. My Facebook page is just a copy of Instagram. YouTube is for, well, videos.

Oh, and if you want to ready my ramblings that might or might not have to do with walking, you can check out my Twitter feed. But be warned: having walked through many places ruled by dictators I really don't care for any of them. Or their friends.

Don't forget to check out the animated story of the Longest Way through China: 👉🏼


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