August 30th, 2022

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This post is about an 28km walk from Mezőpeterd to Castle Füsti. I fail to get a Hungarian SIM card, and I sleep in a castle yard. I liked the bike lane so much. And the weather! It made for an hour or two of happy walking until I arrived in a town called Berettyóújfalu […]

August 29th, 2022

“No, No, Never!”

This post is about a 16km walk from Borș to Mezőpeterd. I cross the border from Romania to Hungary, and a thunderstorm greets me. A lady from the kitchen staff watched me load up the Caboose. “Where are you going?” she asked me, and for some reason I didn’t just say Hungary. Germany, I confessed. […]

August 28th, 2022

passport please

This post is about a day on the border in Borș. It’s a slow and hot day, but I get asked for my passport twice. It took me until the afternoon to understand that the air conditioning in my room could be turned on by simply pressing a button on its side. I enjoyed the […]

August 27th, 2022

thirty-five degrees

This post is about a 14km walk from Oradea to Borș. I make my way through the industrial zone on the way to the border with Hungary. I left Oradea on a Saturday, thinking it was Sunday. Not that it mattered much anyway. It was still 35° celsius outside. I walked past the physical therapist […]

August 25th, 2022


This post is about getting drunk in Oradea. I do some chores and some sightseeing, then I get thai food (good) and vodka (good in moderation). I stayed in Oradea for two days. chores My back still hurt, so I went to a physical therapist and got a massage. I found a laundromat and washed […]

August 24th, 2022

tired Jesus

This post is about a 26km walk from Bălaia to Oradea. I wake up in a village house, then I walk through the last hills before the Puszta. Negotiations with the neighbors of the morgue had been slow at first. “You can’t sleep in the morgue, it’s for dead people!” they insisted. an invitation In […]

August 23rd, 2022

rainbow’s end

This post is about a 14km walk from Spinuș to Bălaia. First the Caboose – again – gets new legs, then I walk through the hills to a morgue. Mayor Fonai had noticed that the Caboose was – again – missing a leg. So he talked to Lucian, the owner of a local car body […]

August 22nd, 2022

the mayor

This post is about a visit to the town hall of Spinuș. I also visit a farm, and I eat some chili peppers and drink some palinka. I was staying in a village called Spinuș. It was small and rural, and life felt rather slow. There were wasps in the outhouse, and I learned that […]

August 21st, 2022


This post is about a 20km walk from Voivozi Monastery to Spinuș. I have breakfast in the monastery, then I walk through some light rain. I woke up in the monks’ dormitory. It offered fourteen beds in total, and I was alone. breakfast with kids and cats The kids from the evening before were having […]

What’s up

This site

is about my attempt to walk from Beijing to my home in Bad Nenndorf in Germany. If you want to read up on the story of the walk you can click on the The Blog archive or just use the map above in order to navigate between posts.

If you just want to get a general idea of the whole thing, you could refer to The Plan, and in case you have any specific questions, make sure to check out my FAQ section.

Another thing you can do is download the Google Earth file. It's fun to use if you're on a computer because it's just so detailed. I have added a lot of information to the daily tracks: things like landmarks, dancing locations, borders, and historical sights.

Or you could just go and read one of my books (in German, Chinese, or Russian).


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I write

a blog post for every single walking day and for many of the resting days as well. I enjoy it a lot, but since it's a lot of work I usually lag behind a bit (by a few days or weeks).

If you want to know how far the walk from Beijing to Bad Nenndorf has come right now, you can go check my Instagram account. I've recently started posting live updates there. My Facebook page is just a copy of Instagram. YouTube is for, well, videos.

Oh, and if you want to ready my ramblings that might or might not have to do with walking, you can check out my Twitter feed. But be warned: having walked through many places ruled by dictators I really don't care for any of them. Or their friends.

Don't forget to check out the animated story of the Longest Way through China: 👉🏼


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