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leap of elegance

Woke up with a sore back and left the hotel. Everyone was still asleep, and the place had a sort of classy feel to it: Then I made my way through the border: I can’t show you any photos of the border controls, because they don’t like being photographed or filmed there. I can only […]

the operator

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Woke up in my tiny room: Or the hole as I liked to call it. Then I said good-bye to the friendly ladies who worked at the hotel and stepped out of its main entrance: I was relieved to be outside again. The air was fresh, and there were people around: This was going to […]

more mosques less pictures

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I was going to post a lot of pictures today. Alas, something seems to be wrong with the blog. I upload photos, and they disappear. Not all of them, but many. Guess I’ll just post the ones that somehow made it through. Not sure what this is going to mean for the future, though. Anyway, […]

shower of the avantgarde

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I didn’t leave right away. Instead I went to a bazaar to find a new stool to sit on: My old one (both of them actually, the green one and the blue one) had finally succumbed to my weight after eight years. So I roamed Osh Bazaar for a little while: Until I found one: […]

under the world

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Had a day of phone calls and writing today: Then I wandered around downtown for a little while: Until I arrived at a post office: It seemed a bit less fancy than the post office in Almaty: First there was a corridor: Then a room with a big world map: I mailed one little notebook […]

what happens in spring

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Sunlight, finally. So I did a little bit of walking around downtown: Bishkek hadn’t changed: It was still a place of many monuments: But since it wasn’t raining and the sky was blue, there was a lot more going on outside on the streets than before: The city had turned from a grey area into […]


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Another day of rain: I decided to stay in. Hung out in a cafeteria place that belonged to the hostel: Had lunch and dinner there: Bishkek was out there. Kyrgyzstan was out there. But I wasn’t hurried. I had been to Kyrgyzstan before, in the late summer of 2014: By loading the map, you agree […]


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It was still raining. Drip, drip, drip, it went, drippity-drip-drip-drip. I decided to venture downtown anyway. I wanted to find a place to get some work done. On my way I walked past a car that hadย Chinese characters on the window: They were upside down. Downtown turned out to be grey: This seemed to be […]

Snickers for President, Medunok for VP

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When I stepped out from the door today, there was a grey sky that was hanging low over Bishkek. And it seemed to be leaking water: I went back in. But not without buying some candy first: This one is called Medunok ะœะตะดัƒะฝะพะบ, and it is awesome: I think it’s about as good as Snickers. […]


It had been such a good night: a quiet room, a hot shower, a comfy bed. I almost didn’t want to leave. But leave I did. The Caboose had been staying out here, in the backyard of the hotel: We made our way through Korday, the border town. It had a movie theater: It had […]