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Woke up with a sore back and left the hotel. Everyone was still asleep, and the place had a sort of classy feel to it:

hotel in Chaldovar

Then I made my way through the border:

border at Chaldovar

I can’t show you any photos of the border controls, because they don’t like being photographed or filmed there. I can only tell you that it took two hours and involved a lot of talking and inspecting. Nothing bad happened though.

As soon as I was on the Kazakh side, I sat down next to the road and had a few huge tomatoes that Kyal’s mom had given me the day before:

big fat tomato

This was also when I ran into Frank:

At some point I lost him definitely, upon which I continued walking.

The road was good:

harvest work

It was quiet:


And at some point it turned into a lovely tree-lined road:


That’s where I almost stepped on this tiny snake:

The snake was white and very pretty:


But unfortunately, it seemed to have a death wish:

I didn’t dare touch any snakes, so I could not think of any way to help it get off the road.

Feeling rather sad, I left.

Country houses lined the way:

country house

I reached a mosque that was full of birds:


Well, only the roof was full of birds:

birds on mosque

But I thought it was quite nice:

Then I walked past this graveyard:


And next to the graveyard was a donkey:

donkey I

I gave him an apple and he rewarded me with this:

donkey II

I have always liked donkeys.

Then I saw an accident happen right before my eyes:

It was a bit surreal.

These two dudes stopped for a photo:

with dudes

And then I ran into a bunch of cows again, just like the day before:


There was a little dude who came running along:

He told me he liked tourists. When I asked him why, he said that he liked the idea of becoming a tourist himself.

Yes, I thought, that actually makes sense.

And then I was in Merki.

This guy called Rusim rode his bike next to me for a little while:

with Rusim

And then some students from a local school found me, and we went into a huge selfie-taking frenzy:

with students in Merki

I eventually managed to find a room in a nice hotel. And when I say nice, I mean it was clean and the furniture was new, it had (somewhat slow) WiFi and the shower worked.

I loved it.

Before I crashed on my bed, I went outside to get some dinner, and I was happy, because I figured that I had made it:

Whatever “it” was.

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