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Went back to the building that had been closed a few days earlier. And today it was open:

Iranian Embassy in Tbilisi

It took me a while, but I got done what I had come there to do.

Then I waltzed out and into an underpass that was – like many underpasses in Tbilisi – full of art:

underpass in Tbilisi

Y’all know I like cable cars, right? At this point I had already taken two of the three (?) cable cars of Tbilisi. One went up to the Mother Of Georgia, the other one to an amusement park called Mtatsminda. Today I took the third one called “Turtle Lake”:

cable car

It went up to a hilltop above the city. The view was nice, but since the only thing visible was basically just modern Tbilisi with its high rises it wasn’t quite as beautiful as from the other places:

north Tbilisi

There was a sign that commemorated the European Youth Olympic Festival that had taken place in Tbilisi a few years earlier:

Tbilisi 2015

And then there it was, the Turtle Lake:

turtle lake

I sat down. And I stayed a while.

  • Barb B

    What a contrast between that solid, imposing building with lines so straight and the shiny flat blue of Turtle Lake echoing the sky. A study in opposites.


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