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Went to this building today:

Iranian Embassy in Tbilisi

It was closed. Apparently I had not gotten the memo.

Then I walked around aimlessly for a while. There was a graffito on a wall that I found interesting without fully grasping its meaning:

graffito in Tbilisi

Someone had done terrible things during specific years in history? Some of the dates seemed to point at Russia, but I wasn’t very sure.

Then there were some posters a little further on that seemed somewhat more obvious to me:

anti-Putin posters in Tbilisi

The anti-Putin sentiment was strong here:

anti-Putin posters in Tbilisi

I walked past a park:

park in Tbilisi

And then I saw this statue, and I thought it looked like Karl Marx:

statue in Tbilisi

A Marx that was naked, twisted, and sad:

is this a statue of Marx

But the longer I looked at it, the less it seemed to look like Marx:

sad Marx?

Maybe it was actually supposed to be someone else?

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