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I decided to do some more tourism today. So I went to the old part of Tbilisi:


There was a park:

park in Tbilisi

And in the park there was a cable car that went up a hill, so I bought a ticket (it was actually just a metro ticket) and went up.

The view was quite spectacular from up top:

Tbilisi from above

There was a massive statue called “Mother Of Georgia”:

Mother of Georgia

The things that I found noticeable about her were that she was pretty voluptuous, that her hair was covered, and that she was holding a bowl in one hand and a sword in the other:

Mother of Georgia

The message seemed to be clear: she was a conservative lady with a hot body, and cool people could hope to receive wine from her while mean people would be in trouble.

I stayed up there until it got dark:

sunset over Tbilisi

And then I walked back down…

night over Tbilisi

…and into the back streets of Tbilisi…

back street in Tbilisi

…that were protected by the Mother with her sword.

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