to love is to suffer

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Went to the old town of Tbilisi today. Entered it through a little underpass with some graffiti:

way to Tbilisi old town

Then I was in the alleys that felt narrow and grey:

back alley in Tbilisi

I know I keep saying this, but they often reminded me of certain East European capital cities:

empty street in Tbilisi

Maybe Budapest or Prague:

Tbilisi old town

Before the restorations:


Only some of the non-touristic courtyards looked very different:


And when I lifted my eyes, I could see strange buildings held in place by steel girders:


Either way, Tbilisi was becoming hip:

Organic Wine And Craft Beer

And it did have some rather thought-provoking graffiti:

To Love Is To Suffer

I walked around until darkness fell, and the gates to the courtyards became all the more enticing:


There was a school that had a sign in German, designating it as the “sixth authorized school”:

School #6

I didn’t try to find out what that meant, though.

Instead, I went back to the Thai restaurant that I liked so much:

Tom Yam

To love was to suffer.
Not to love was to suffer.
But to eat pad thai, that was good.

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