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This post is about a weekend of drinking in Göttingen. We eat a lot of chili, and we visit the Christmas market.

We spent three days in Göttingen. Dario was there. Bower was there. Pummi was there. I was there. The Caboose was in the parking garage.

what we drank

We mostly drank gin and tonic or rum and coke. I had bought a few bottles of vodka for SlowerPulse testing purposes, so we tested them, too. Ukrainian Spirit (from Ukraine, duh) wasn’t very good, Crown vodka premium from Bulgarian was okay, Stauffenberg vodka from Germany was a mixed bag, and te was weirdly excellent. But I will write some more detailed reviews of these vodka brands later.

When we went out we had Sambuca shots and various cocktails. We also tried a drink called Tiefseetaucher that involved the infamous Stroh 80, a 160 proof rum. It was epically disgusting.

Of course we also had a few mugs of lumumba at the Christmas market.

what we ate

First I made a large pot of chili. I tried to give it some flavor by adding a bunch of piri piri. It was chili alright.

Then Bower made a large pot of chili, adding rum and chocolate, a bunch of herbs and a spoonful of his infamous naga powder. It was tear-inducingly phenomenal.

what we did

We didn’t really do very much. Sat around in the apartment. Talked a lot of shit. Went out a few times. I felt a bit stressed about the end of The Longest Way looming on the horizon, so I wasn’t as relaxed as I wished I could be.

Oh, and one time we went and played foosball.


drinking in Göttingen:

  • Bill

    It’s no cause for stress and my friend. Even with The Diagnosis.

    I hope you’re home already.

    Write your book, make a movie. You’ve got a great story that many people would love to hear if marketed properly. Keep your health up.

    Then go for another walk.


  • Hiker

    Du könntest umdrehen und zurück nach China laufen, dann siehste auch mal die andere Richtung! 😉🌻


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