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This post is about a visit to the Städel in Frankfurt. I undergo some medical tests, and I look at some modern art.

Aaaaand of course we got a cold. So we stayed in, ate granola, watched Futurama, and tried to get better. It took a while.


My last checkup for my MS had been more than a year earlier. So it was time. I got into an MRI of my brain and one of my neck. Then they attached some electrodes to my head and did some shit I didn’t understand.

The final verdict: I had a brain!

My MS wasn’t that bad, but it also wasn’t perfect, either. My right half felt generally weaker than the left. Sometimes I had to pee more often than usual. There were muscle twitches sometimes. And as soon as I felt stressed I got a general feeling of fatigue.

One thing I struggled with was the cycle: stress gave me fatigue, fatigue made me worry about MS, worrying about MS gave me stress, and the stress gave me more fatigue.



At one point we went to an art museum. The weirdo liked art, especially modern art. I wanted to show her Yves Klein’s Blue Sponge Relief that hung in the Städel. It was one of my favorite things to look at, ever.

Alas, it wasn’t there. And the nice, optically confusing Big Curtain by Gerhard Richter wasn’t there, either.

We wanted to say WTF, but we didn’t have to. For one thing we had made our visit fun, just like the one to the Nibelung Museum in Worms. And also, the museum was still fuckin A. They had an exhibition by a Romanian artist called Victor Man. His paintings were dark, seemingly monochromatic at times, and he liked to add highlights in bright, almost neon colors into them. Cool shit.

Look at me! I said to the weirdo, triumphantly, look at me knowing and appreciating an artist who is not yet a household name!

“Good job,” said the weirdo, “good for you.”


a visit to the Städel in Frankfurt:

  • Bill

    Aww, I thought you were going to make it to Badd Nenndorf by your birthday/longest way anniversary. That would have been sweet.

    Even more aww, we crossed paths. I was in Frankfurt very briefly on Oct 23 and wondered if you were there at the same time. But I flew in and out and the only thing I got from Frankfurt was a really nice sausage.


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