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This post is about a day of rest in Bodenwerder. I stay in an old guesthouse and mostly just pet the cat, Smoki.

The night before I had somehow made it back down from the monastery, in spite of the icy roads. There was a cafรฉ at the foot of the hill. The door was unlocked and no one was inside.


I sat in the cafรฉ having my tea until a lady appeared and told me that they had no place for me there. She didn’t say it in an unfriendly way, in fact she took me to a neighboring house that she described as a “commune”. Maybe they had a place for me to sleep?

But when we got there, all we saw were two grey-haired heads in the windows who told us no in a way that sounded more like “meh”.


So this morning I woke up in a guesthouse in Bodenwerder. It was the place that Wolfgang from Amelungsborn had told me about, the one with the interesting owner.

He had been right.

cats and burning wood

The guesthouse had been run by the same family since the 1950s. It was old and full of books, and there was always some classical music playing from the kitchen. It had a room with a wood-burning oven at its center, and there were a lot of interesting pictures on the walls (one by Konrad Schmidt that I really liked). And it had Smoki the cat, who was always laying around here or there.

The owner, Mr. Hahn, was a gentleman who always wore suits. And I mean always wore suits. With a bowtie. He was very interesting to talk to, and it turned out he was also an excellent cook.

I decided to stay one more day. This was going to be my last resting day on The Longest Way, and I wanted to spend it here, petting Smoki the cat, talking to Mr. Hahn, looking at books and maps. Home was just a few days of walking away.


a day of rest in Bodenwerder:

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