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This post is about a week of playing Dota 2 at Bower’s place. There are tears of pain (me) and tears of laughter (Bower).

I ended up spending a week at Bower’s place. Seven days of cats, kids, movies, video games, computer games, walks in the forest, barbecues, and trips to the grocery store. Every night I would go to sleep very late, and every morning I would feel my mind becoming a little bit more like that of a 12-year-old.

the naga and the other naga

One time, when we had just gotten our asses kicked by some of the other kids in our favorite game Dota 2, we sat down to dinner. There was a big pot of curry on the stove. We had somehow managed to come late, and everyone was low-key mad at us.

I mumbled an apology and put some of the curry into my bowl. Bower handed me a small plastic bag and sad: “Fancy some seasoning?”

I looked at the bag. It said NAGA BHUT JOLOKIA on the label. I chuckled. “Naga” seemed like a funny name for a condiment. There was a character in Dota 2 called Naga Siren that had royally kicked our asses a few hours before. I felt kinda groggy from all the gaming.

Half a table spoon or so? I asked Bower.

He shrugged, and so I generously applied some of his NAGA BHUT JOLOKIA to my curry.

the tears

I spent the next hour or so drenched in sweat and tears. The seasoning had turned out to be ghost pepper powder, and my friend Bower was crying tears of laughter. This is like Christmas for you, isn’t it? I gasped, to which he said: “No, no, no! It’s BETTER!”

And so I, being a proper twelve-year-old, insisted on finishing my bowl of naga-curry.


Dota 2 at Bower’s place:

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