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This post is about a visit to the longest castle in the world. It’s in Burghausen, and it is long alright.

I had originally been planning to cross the border to Germany at Braunau. When I checked the map, however, and read that the longest castle in the worldย was here in Burghausen, a mere day’s walk from Braunau, I decided to come here and check it out.


And it was long, alright. In fact it reminded me vaguely of the Topkapฤฑ Palace in Istanbul. The core of Burghausen Castle had initially been built in the 13th century, and later it had been enlarged and further fortified until it encompassed almost the totality of the hill that it sat on.

I went in from the northeastern end, and I had to walk for a good twenty minutes until I got to the palais, the furthermost part of the castle. It was more than 1km long.

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There was a museum in the palais. It attempted to show how people had lived in this castle, along with antique furniture and tapestries. On the upper floors there was an exhibition of medieval artworks, almost all of which were either about Christianity or about famous battles that the Bavarian armies had won.

I climbed all the way to the top of the building. There was a viewing platform that offered a 360 degree view of the castle and the city.

It was a long castle alright.


the longest castle in the world:

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