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This post is about a 13km walk from Reinhausen to Göttingen. I drive a car to get my Covid and flu shots, then I walk through the cold.

When I woke up I was in the guest room of Miriam’s house. I had found her and her family through Warmshowers, a hospitality network for bicycle tourists. Yes, something like Couchsurfing.

I was actually going to write “Couchsurfing clone” here at first but when I looked it up it turned out that Warmshowers is actually much older and non-profit, and it doesn’t seem to have been experiencing the catastrophic difficulties that Couchsurfing has been dealing with over the last half decade or so.

vaccination struggles

I was sitting at Miriam’s breakfast table when it occurred to me that I was suddenly faced with a difficult situation myself. I wanted to get to Göttingen and spend the weekend there with my childhood friends, having lumumba at Christmas market. And before diving into the crowds I wanted to get another Covid booster shot and a flu vaccine.

But the only doctor’s office I could find that would do it was in the city, and they were closing at noon.

“Why don’t you just take our car?” Miriam asked me.

I could hardly believe my ears. This family had known me for less than 24 hours, and here they were offering to let me borrow their car to drive to the city.

Long story short: I hadn’t driven a car in years, it was an unfamiliar vehicle, and the there was snow everywhere. So I drove extra slowly and extra carefully, much to the annoyance of the other drivers on the road.

the cold road to Göttingen

After the vaccination I packed up my stuff and got going. There was still snow all around, but it seemed to become less and less dense as I was getting closer to the city.

We had booked a serviced apartment in the north part of Göttingen. The dudes were set to arrive the next day. I was happy that I had one evening to rest, shower, eat, and take care of a few things like picture archiving and blog writing.


the walk from Reinhausen to Göttingen:

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