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This post is about a 20km walk from Zotzenberg to Krautergersheim. I revisit some places that I have walked through in 2005.

Back in 2005 I went on a little walk through Alsace.


I wasn’t alone back then, though. My brother Rubi, my friend Pummi, and our family dog Puki went with me. Later our friend Wuh joined us. And one time, when Puki had caught a big fat tick, we gave it the name Rico and made it a member of our gang.

We walked for a few weeks, eating canned food and spending the nights in our tent, and we took a few pictures on the way.


For some reason I decided to look at those pictures while I was resting in Sรฉlestat. Maybe I would be able to find some of the places where we had walked around more than 18 years earlier?

And find them I did.

the water fountain

The first place I went to was a restaurant called Relais du Klevener. It was located on a street corner in a village called Heiligenstein. We had taken a rest there, next to a water fountain on the sidewalk, back in 2005.

In the picture, Pummi was sitting on a wall, Rubi next to the fountain, and Puki the dog was looking back at me while I was taking the picture.

That moment was gone.

And yet here I was, with the Caboose, almost two decades later. There was no water in the fountain, but besides that, not much had changed.

the vineyard

I continued on to the town of Obernai. On the way I passed an abandoned castle called Chรขteau de Hell and next to it, a former satellite camp of the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp, the only Nazi camp on French ground.

And then, without expecting it, I suddenly found myself in another place where we had stood and taken a picture back in 2005: the vineyard with the “Clos Saint Odile” letters right behind Obernai.

I tried to reenact our photo from back then, but being alone, without the others, it felt a bit sad.

the church

A cloudburst and a double rainbow later I found myself in the village of Krautergersheim. Back in 2005, we had taken an afternoon nap in front of the church in its center. And we had only woken up when a wedding party showed up.

I dutifully reenacted the napping picture, then I walked up to the local football field and asked some people there if I could pitch my tent for the night.

Yes, they said, but I had to come with them and drink beer with Picon.

old pictures

the walk through Alsace in 2005:


the walk from Zotzenberg to Krautergersheim:

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