to bowl or not to bowl

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This post is about how I went bowling by myself in Zonguldak. I had some vodka and an expresso, listened to 90s metal, and bowled very badly.

My legs hurt, and the weather forecast said it was going to be rainy for two days. So I decided to take it easy and rest up in Zonguldak.

shopping malls are all the same

There was a shopping mall right next to the รถgretmenevi. It was called 67 Burda, and it appeared to be pretty posh. To me it seemed as though malls were all exactly the same anyway, it didn’t matter if you went to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, or Iran. This was of course a terrible thing, because it made life boring. But it was also a nice thing, because it made life comfortable.

I went to the mall to buy a cleanser for my face. And every day I would go there to get something to eat and order an expresso.


Then I noticed the bowling ally. I was hesitant but intrigued. My bowling skills were famously bad, and my cursing was ridiculous. I didn’t feel like trying to find people to go bowling with. Rather, I wanted to just go by myself and listen to music. But would I have to wear those disgusting rental shoes?

I took three shots of vodka from my flask.

Then I had a pizza and a fanta in the food court of the mall.

I got an expresso and some chocolate candy for extra power.

When I finally went to the bowling ally, the people there told me I could just wear my regular shoes.

I got a lane and a ball that looked kinda like a basketball.

My name was spelled as CRIS on the screen.

I enabled the noise cancelling function of my earphones and put on some Stuck Mojo.

And then I bowled a glorious 107.


Three shots of vodka:

three shots of vodka

67 Burda Mall in Zonguldak:

food court of the 67 Burda Mall in Zonguldak

One expresso please:

expresso and candy

View of Zonguldak from the mall:

view of Zonguldak from 67 Burda Mall

Bowling by myself in Zonguldak:


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