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I woke up in an empty hotel on an empty beach. It was near an empty street:

empty Aktau

Aktau, it seemed, was a place without people.

There was a small shopping centre nearby. I went there and looked around. Did I need a new notebook to write my diary? Maybe. There were some notebooks, and one of them had this slogan on it:

Keep Calm And Feel Good

I didn’t buy it. I didn’t feel good. Also, it was too big for my purposes. Instead I tried to make myself feel better by eating a bowl full of lagman, the dish I had loved the most on my walk through Central Asia a year or two before:


It helped a little, but not much. I decided to take a taxi to a large shopping mall downtown:

Aktau mall

The mall wasn’t empty. Some children were practicing ice-skating:

ice rink in Aktau

I bought an electric tooth brush:

electric tooth brush

Mine had been broken for a while.

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