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This post is about a 15km walk from Frankfurt to Nieder-Erlenbach. I say goodbye to the weirdo, then I walk through the rain.

The weirdo and decided to have one final Turkish breakfast near Konstablerwache. so we walked there together with the Caboose, as we had done so many times before. We ordered omelet and menemen, along with a breakfast plate with bread and tea.

bye weirdo

Then, at about three in the afternoon, we said goodbye. The weirdo took the metro to the airport, and I walked north.

It was a grey, rainy day. I passed the hospital where they had diagnosed my MS two years earlier. I passed the office of the neurologist who had been responsible. Getting tested for MS involves obtaining a sample of brain fluid from the spine. I remember it as being decidedly not fun.


It rained and it rained as I walked north out of the city of Frankfurt. Soon my feet were wet, and so were my legs. The first time I rested was under a flyover. I drank some protein shake, wiped the water from my phone, looked at the map, and continued walking.

Darkness fell at five. I put on my head torch and cursed Germany’s latitude. That and daylight saving.

an object of German hatred

About an hour later, I was cursing again. The Deutsche Bahn, the German railway provider, was fixing a railroad crossing. They had installed a temporary pedestrian bridge that you had to cross in order to get to the other side. Luckily, or unluckily, there was an elevator on each side.

Naรฏvely, I squeeze the caboose into the elevator on my side and went up. The cursing happened when the elevator on the other side, the one that I had to take in order to get back down to the road, was simply not working.

Aaargh, I cried, making a very specific sound, a mixture of frustration and anger and utter despair, the very sound that every inhabitant of Germany must make sooner or later in their dealings with the Deutsche Bahn: Aaargh!


the walk from Frankfurt to Nieder-Erlenbach:

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