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This post is about an 18km walk from Kalinkovo to Bratislava. We finally make it to Bradislava, and it feels like a milestone.

I promised Brad to not show her any pictures of the spiders. There were so many of them! Luckily, they only came out at night, and luckily, we had spent the night in our tent.


We had breakfast, then we got back on the bike path. It was raining a little, and we both felt tired. There was nothing around us, just the river and the grass and the trees.

After an hour or so we reached a place that sold drinks and snacks. The fattest dachshund ever lived there. We got some ice-cream and some hot water, then we said goodbye to the obese doggo and continued on our way.

Brads to Bratislava

The city appeared first as a highway bridge, then as a few scattered houses in the suburbs, and finally as a skyline across the river. We passed some heavy industry and some shipyards, then the EuroVelo led us into Bratislava proper.

It was easy walking: bike paths and sidewalks all the way. I remembered Plovdiv in Bulgaria, and how angry I had been at a bridge that I had to cross. Or the dystopian way out of Istanbul. This was better.

We walked slowly and at leisure, and when we passed an old Socialist monument and a very shitty looking bus stop, we knew that we had made it: after all this time of talking about being Brads and walking to Bratislava, we had finally done it.

We had reached Bradislava!


the walk from Kalinkovo to Bratislava:

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