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This is a post about daydrinking in Bratislava. Brad and I walk around the old town, taking sips here and there, and we ascend the UFO tower.

We had booked a hostel in downtown Bratislava because we were hip and because we wanted to socialize with others who were hip. And also because it was relatively affordable.

the pain never ends

Little did we know that the receptionist was so hip that he had the words THE PAIN NEVER ENDS tattooed on the back of his hand. He was so hip that he actually did that thing where you’re too busy to talk to someone so you just hold up your index finger in front of them without even looking at them. He was so hip that he came across as a little bit grumpy.

After the index finger had disappeared he told us that we absolutely could not park the Caboose in front of the hostel. But wasn’t that the private parking in the courtyard that they advertised online? “No,” he told us, grumpily. We had to dismantle the Caboose and carry her downstairs into the luggage room.

Luckily, the pain ended after we got to our room and I did some of my back exercises on the floor.

the flask

We ended up staying for two days in Bratislava. The city reminded me of Budapest, only it was smaller and more Slavic. This was nice because Brad and I had been looking for Slav-vibes ever since entering Slovakia, and we finally managed to find them in the capital.

Michael’s Gate wasn’t far from the hostel. It was the only thing that remained from the historic town walls. We took a sip from the flask under the gate.

A few sips later we found ourselves atop the UFO Tower, an observation deck that sits about a hundred meters atop the New Bridge across the Danube. We could see the city from up there, and we could also see the EuroVelo 6 stretching westward, in the direction of Vienna.


daydrinking in Bratislava:

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