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This post is about a 15km walk from Bac to Kalinkovo. We see a giant horse sculpture, and we pitch our tent on a birdwatching platform.

We woke up in a bad camping spot. It was far from traffic and undisturbed, which was good. There was a patch of relatively level concrete that was large enough for the tent, which was also good. But it had turned out to be very exposed to the wind. And it had been a very windy night. Which was bad.

the sporting grounds

We walked on a mud path for a while, until we reached a place called X-Bionic Sphere. First it was just a giant parking lot, then a sports center appeared, along with a stadium, training grounds, an olympic-sized pool, a hotel, shops, restaurants, and a conference center.

The whole place seemed to be rather posh, but we managed to use the bathrooms, purchase an avocado wrap, and get a refill of hot water for our thermoses anyway.

On our way out we noticed a horse sculpture. It was giant and shiny. Apparently, the X-Bionic Sphere was originally supposed to be called “Hippo Arena”, which wasn’t only a better name, it also meant that horses were regarded as important here. I took my camping chair and sat down under the horse. When I looked up I noticed that the artist had endowed it with a weirdly human-looking penis and testicles.

bird watching

As we continued walking down the EuroVelo, we were facing strong winds, maybe even stronger than the day before. Also, there was a chance of rain. We didn’t want to get stuck with a bad camping spot again, so we were happy when we noticed a sleek-looking wooden structure next to the river.

It had a roof with a bed-like platform under it. There was a sign that said it was a Slovakian-Norwegian project called Duna Bird Watching. It was full of fat little spiders, but we didn’t know that yet.


the walk from Bac to Kalinkovo:

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