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This post is about two days in Komarno. We marvel at our hotel room, and we go and look at the outside of a fortress.

Finding a hotel in Komarno had been a bit of a disaster. First we had tried a place suspiciously called “Meat Head” because it was cheap and the first option on our way. Online it said that they had rooms, but when we got there they said they didn’t have any. Okay. We didn’t really feel like staying in a place with a name like that anyway.

hotel hunt

We went to three other more hotels after that, and every single one said that they didn’t have any rooms – even though online it said that they all did.

This was when I decided to do the obvious and just book a room online and go there.

We landed upon a place a bit outside of the historic district. Everything was dark when we got there, but a night guard let us in. There was a garage to park the Caboose. When he showed us the room we were shocked: there were two double beds, two large mirrors, and a free-standing tub in the bathroom.

bowling again?

We ended up staying two rainy days in Komarno. The hotel was mostly empty, but it had a bowling alley. I thought about my time in Zonguldak and briefly toyed with the idea of playing a few rounds, but then I decided against it. My back was sore enough as it was, especially since the hotel beds were very very soft.

another Hungarian town

So we took a walk through Komarno and marveled at its emptiness and at the Hungarian flags everywhere.

At some point we reached the Fortress of Komarno. It had been built more than three centuries earlier to protect Hungary against the invading Ottomans. In a strange way it reminded me of the Fetislam Fortress in Kladovo, only that one had been built by the Ottomans.

We didn’t get to see the inside of the fortress, though. You had to book a guided tour in order to get in, and on the weekends it was closed.


two days in Komarno:

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