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This post is about an 18km walk from Komarno to Male Kosihy. It’s the first time I get mistaken for a beggar.

We left Komarno in the rain. The road out of the city was loud and busy, but at least there was a sidewalk. When we got to a sign that said “BRATISLAVA 98” we rejoiced. Less than one hundred kilometers to Bratislava, the city of Brads! We had been talking about it for a long time, and now it seemed almost in reach.


We reached a gigantic hypermarket, and Brad took it upon herself to go in and buy some provisions: bread, vegan yoghurt and cheese, beans, chocolate, that kind of stuff. It was going to take a while, so I found a spot that was sheltered from the rain and sat down in my chair. I played with my phone, did some language exercises, and drank my tea. After a while my hands became too cold, so I put them in my pockets. Then I nodded off.

I woke up from a rattling sound. A passerby had dropped a coin into my empty tea cup. Speechless, I watched on as a second guy added another coin. Hitting the first coin, it made a louder sound than the first one. I was stupefied. “Thank you, no no no,” I managed to mumble: “it’s just tea!”

There I was, a begpacker.

no place to camp

The rest of the way was miserable. It rained constantly, and it was cold. I had located an eco farm with a campground on the map, but their website said that they were not going to be working until May. We decided to go and try our luck anyway. It took a while for a lady to come out of the house, and when she did, she told us what we already knew: the campground was closed.

Wasn’t there any space where we could pitch the tent? we asked her. Any space at all?

She said no, and so we continued walking through the rain.


the walk from Komarno to Male Kosihy:

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