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This post is about a 27km walk from Kladovo to Drobeta-Turnu Severin. I cross the border from Serbia to Romania via the Iron Gate I dam.

When I go to the supermarket in the morning to buy some provisions (mostly bananas, bread, and ayvar), I see a huge dude with a slogan on the back of his shirt: raised in the streets / the realest people don’t have a lot of friends / never trust nobody.

fortresses like dolls

I decide not to go directly to the border. First I want to see the 16th century Fetislam fortress. It’s currently under renovation, and its gate is not wide enough for the Caboose. It takes me a bit of walking around its walls to find another point of entry. Inside there is a sports ground and a football field.

The fortress itself is like a matryoshka doll: there are the outer walls and the inner walls, and then there are the walls of the fortress itself. And within the fortress, there are more walls. I walk around for a little while. The renovations have been funded by the European Union.


The way to the border is windy. It’s exclusively headwind, and of course I take it personally. Why do you keep pushing me around? I ask, just like I have asked so many times before in the Gobi desert.

When I get to the border there’s a long line of cars and trucks. I decide to walk past all of them. There’s a uniformed man at the border who extends his hand toward me and says: “passport!” I feel a bit nervous. Will the permission that Aleksandra got from Belgrade really work?

oh dam

A few minutes later I am on the Iron Gates I dam that forms the border of Serbia and Romania. I am alone. Only occasionally a car zooms by. The water of the Danube is much higher on one side than on the other. I can hear it splashing down from the vents of the dam. A few trucks are waiting on the other side. I ask one of the drivers to take a photo of me and the Caboose.

Then we cross the border to Romania, the 12th country on The Longest Way.


walk from Kladovo to Drobeta-Turnu Severin:

  • SteffiJ.

    Du hast wieder ein Stรผck Weg geschafft. Gratuliere. LG,Steffi aus Dresden


  • natalie

    12th country – wow, congratulations!


  • Benjamin K.

    Your photos suggest, that Serbia is emptying due to road accidents, but a professor explained yesterday, every 2 minutes someone from the western balkan coutries emmigrates to the EU, because you can earn four times as much as in the countries that are not yet members.


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