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This post is about a day of sightseeing in Târgu Mureș. My sister comes to visit me, and we look around a bit.

This was a first. My sister came from Germany to visit me on The Longest Way! We went for walks, we watched Thor with 3D-glasses in a mall (the movie was a hot mess, but we had fun), we drank expressos, and we did some sightseeing in Târgu Mureș.

old books

Compared to Drobeta, Sibu, or Sighișoara, the city had a much more post-Soviet feel to it. There were lots of prefab-buildings and a few seemingly abandoned industrial spaces. But there were also some historical buildings, and most of them seemed to be in okay condition.

We went to look at the Bolyai-Farkas High School, an educational facility that had been around in one form or another since the 16th century. It was currently under renovation, but it looked like a fine place to get an education.

The Teleki Library was right next to it. Established by a local count in the early 19th century, it had a bunch of rare old books, including a 1799 fifth edition of Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. I snapped a picture and sent it to the Kantian along with the words some porn for you.

a former Hungarian town

One thing that I was never quite sure about was how to say “thank you” in Târgu Mureș. The town had been mostly Hungarian for a long time, but by now it was almost exactly half-half, with ethnic Romanians being slightly more than ethnic Hungarians.

In the end I would usually resort to a double-fire approach of saying “mulțumesc” immediately followed by “köszönöm” – or the other way around.

Sometimes I would add an English “thank you” for good measure.


sightseeing in Târgu Mureș:

  • Jared

    I hope you got some pancakes from the pancake stand!
    How nice of your sister to visit! This is one of the Major Stops on the Longest Way.
    Looks like you got a chance to rest for a couple weeks and recharge.


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