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This post is about a 25km walk from Gogan to Cerghizel. I end up sleeping in a place that is full of the animals which I fear the most.

In the morning Pastor Gabor took me to his neighbor Feri. He and his family were the Germans I had heard about the night before. They had moved here from Berlin because they enjoyed living in the Hungarian village in the Romanian countryside. They baked their own bread, they made tea from their own herbs, and they had cats. I stayed for a long time.


The city of Târgu Mureș was only about 40km away. Over the years it had turned into one of the major stops on my route. There was Istanbul and there was Budapest, and in the middle, between them, there was Târgu Mureș. It was the reason why I had crossed the Carpathian mountains in the first place.

But I didn’t want to get there today. Instead I was planning to find a safe place to camp and then take it easy the next day. I was going to have to get my fifth rabies shot and find a place to store the Caboose. It would be a packed day.


Feri had told me about a place called Villa Vinèa on my way. It was a vineyard and a wine-tasting place owned by the boss of the outdoor brand Salewa. I had been using a Salewa tent ever since the Kantian had given me his in Cakraz. I ended up not going to Villa Vinèa, though. It was too close to the place from where I had started, and I thought it was corny to show up and say something like: “may I pitch my Salewa tent on your premises, Salewa boss?”


When I reached the village of Cerghizel I went to a farm house and asked if they had some space in their yard where I could pitch my tent. I’m afraid of bears! I told them, and they nodded understandingly. Then they took me to a place that they found perfectly suited for camping: their bee colonies.

I forget the exact numbers they told me. I think they had about eighty boxes, and every box contained about eighty thousand bees. They showed me a trailer where I could sleep. This was great, because this way I wouldn’t have to use my tent. Then the dad went back to the house and came back with a bunch of food for me.

They were very nice people. And the bees were going to sleep.

But that didn’t change the fact that there were about six million of them.

And I was afraid of every single one.


the walk from Gogan to Cerghizel:

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