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This post is about a 4km walk from Rugi to Turcinești. I am really just trying to get to a place where I can lay down.

Those of you who have been with me for a long time might remember my friend Paul. I haven’t talked about him since China, have I?

Well, Paul was back. That fucker.

damn the powder!

I had eaten something bad. Something very bad. Looking back I think it might have been the protein powder. Some of it had spilled into a plastic bag that I had wrapped around the original container. Not wanting to waste any of it, I had consumed the spilled part, too.

I regretted it all evening, all night, and all morning.

gotta go

To make matters worse the guesthouse was fully booked today. Wedding reception. So I couldn’t just stay in my room and wait it out, no. I had to leave. It took me a while to pack my stuff, then I swallowed two pills that were supposed to help me, and then, finally, I staggered out of the yard and onto the road. I had called a guesthouse about an hour down the road. I just needed to get there.

Everything hurt, even my head. I figured it was probably from dehydration.

When I walked past some cows, it somehow looked as if they, too, were giving me pathetic looks. And so I carefully set one foot in front of the other, trying not to think of the pain in my stomach or the pain in my head. The Caboose was rolling quietly behind me.

And suddenly an R.E.M. song popped into my head.


the walk from Rugi to Turcinești:

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