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I only had four days to get to the border, or else my visa for Azerbaijan would run out. So I said goodbye to the old town and the caravanserai and the mushroom, and I stepped out of the gates and started walking again:

morning in the Caravanserai

It was at least 110km to the border, and some of it was going to be uphill, so I felt a bit stressed.

Sheki was quiet when I left:

leaving Sheki

When I looked to my right I could see the Caucasian mountains:


And one time, when I sat down and looked to my left, I saw a little dog that was very scared and very curious:

little dog

It followed me for a little while, then it was gone, too.

The road wasn’t very busy, which felt good for a change, because there was never a sidewalk, just gravel on both sides of the asphalt:

road west

I was going to do 40k today, so I walked fast, and I didn’t stop much to take pictures or rest:

old car

For lunch I had some bread and tomatoes in my hammock:

hammock time

Then I got out this weirdly yellow mandarin that I had gotten in Sheki:

unpeeled mandarin

It turned out to be very tasty:


Then I was back on the quiet road:

roadside mosque

This family asked me to come in and have tea, but I felt as if there was no time, not even for one cup of tea, so I just waved and said thanks.

village family

But I think it would have been nice to have tea with them.

Remember how I told you that there were castle-like structures everywhere along the road from Baku to here?

Well, they were in this part of Azerbaijan, too:

road with monument

The 40k turned out to be difficult. It didn’t help that I was walking past green pastures with cows and horses:


And it didn’t help that the sunset was golden at first:


Golden, and then rosรฉ:

church in the distance

I was still walking when night had fallen and everything was starting to turn black:

Azerbaijan at night

Qakh, I thought, where the hell are you, Qakh?

I liked the name of the town. It reminded me of the sound of a voice that was about to break with exhaustion. Qakh…

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