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Being back in Baku didn’t mean grabbing the Caboose to waltz out of town right away. I was waiting for a postal package from Germany: new hard drive, new SD-card, new microphone, sunglasses.

Wait, sunglasses?

Yes. I hated everyone who wore shades (especially the reflective kind), but deep inside I knew I was just being jealous. So in a moment of weakness I had placed an order online. Why didn’t I simply go into a department store in Baku and buy a pair of sunglasses there?

No idea, honestly.

The problem was that my package hadn’t arrived yet. So I had to wait, which meant that I had some time to walk around Baku and look at the Maiden Tower:

Maiden Tower and square

There were apparently quite a few different Maiden Towers in the region (“maiden” being the English word meaning young woman – the original name of the tower was Qız Qalası), but this one was a particularly fine example:

Maiden Tower in Baku

I went up to the top and looked around, and there they were, the tentacles, happily and greedily reaching into the sky:

view from the Maiden Tower

Then I walked around in the downtown area some more. There was a Hard Rock Cafe, which reminded me of a night of drunken dancing with my brother Ruben in Almaty:

Hardrock Cafe Baku

I walked around some more, and then night fell upon Baku:

night in Baku

And the city looked just like a European metropolis:

shopping area in Baku

At least in the center it did.

Daily video:

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