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I went back to the museum today, to get my “antiques” looked at. Turns out it cost me 5 euros for photos and almost 50 euros for the certificate for the items. It didn’t feel good.

I walked back to the apartment where I was staying, and on the way there I came across a bunch of cats on a stairway:


Really, it was a bunch:

stairway with cats

Then, when I got back to the apartment block, I opened the Caboose to take out some things, and when I did I noticed that someone had tried to mess with the lock and open her before:

Caboose in the stairway

It was disturbing. I had not met many bad people on my walk from Beijing to here. But they existed. And the simple and ugly truth was that I was always more worried about men than about women. Bad men.

I looked at the Caboose, weighing my options, and then I decided to get her the fuck out of there. I left some of my stuff in the apartment, then I grabbed her and started walking.

It was already late when we started out, and I wasn’t sure where to go:

way through Baku

I figured I could find a hotel with a secure parking space or a garage and park her there. Or better yet, I could find a bike shop where they could store her and fix her up. Remember the wheel problem? It had not been taken care of, yet.

So I walked down the streets of Baku:

big building in Baku

The traffic was bad, but we somehow managed to sneak through:

traffic in Baku

Sometimes we had to walk on highway ramps:

road in Baku

And sometimes we managed to stay under the highways:

flyover in Baku

Then, at about eight, we arrived at Velolider, a bike shop in the north of the city:

Vuqar’s bikeshop

The owner was Vuqar, a professional cyclist himself:


Yes, he said, he would store the Caboose, take care of her, and see what he could do to fix the wheel situation.

Then he gave me a lift back.

A good man.

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  • 崔波


    我大概07年,也就是你徒步中国的时候,在Google earth上就注意到你的图片了,之后读了你的书,里面的人和经历非常有趣,再之后关注了你微博,你是一个诚实并且犀利的“老外”,你所有的关于中国的政治以及文化的观点,我都非常赞同,也很敬佩你的勇敢。

    也因为这些观点,你在中国的互联网上消失了,这真的出乎我的意料,我原先觉得这个政府不至于做出这么low的事情,但是我错了。shame on China。




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