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I had stayed in a pensionat right on the Caspian Sea beach, and it had turned out to be awesome:

Pensionat in Siyavan

The people were friendly, the rooms were simple and sort of clean, there was a bit of green between them and the beach, and there were little kitten to play with. The whole place was so awesome in fact that I seriously deliberated staying there for another day.

But then, for reasons that arose purely from my intuition, I didn’t. I left. And as I did, I noticed that the sky was getting darker and darker:

dark clouds over Azerbaijan

Maybe I had made a mistake?

Either way, the country road seemed pretty nice for now:

country road

I found a pier:


Remember that day in May when I saw the Caspian Sea for the first time? There had been a pier there as well. Only this one was bigger, and there was a surprise right next to it:

shipwreck long exposure

A shipwreck!


I loved the shit out of it. All of it. It was just too awesome:

pier with shipwreck

Then I got back on my way. Bought some water in this store where I was advised to try an energy drink called Hell instead:

dudes with shop

I didn’t.

Meanwhile, the sky kept getting darker and darker:

house in Azerbaijan

These two dudes gave me a few pears from their pear tree:

little dudes

And I kept noticing these big houses on the way:

big house

People told me they belonged to rich people from Baku or to locals who had moved abroad and only came back for the holidays.

I saw my first presidential billboard:

President billboard

The current President was the former President’s son, and the current Vice President was the wife of the current President.

It started raining:


And then it started really coming down:

rain in Lankaran

I hated it, but what could I do? Right. I just kept on walking, hoping to find a guesthouse in the city of Lankaran.

On the way there, I crossed a park. It was dedicated to the former President, and there was a statue of him that seemed fairly new:

President Aliyev

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