the Audrey Hepburn among roads

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I had spent the night in a nice little hotel on the roadside, and in the morning I took some photos with the owner:

Persian hotel owner

There are many pictures like this – many pictures, and an infinite more pictures that live only in memory.

Then I was back on the asphalt again:

road along the Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea was always there, waiting for people to swim in it:

view of the Caspian

But mostly it was just releasing its humidity into the air:

Caspian Sea behind wall

Most of the day felt a little bit like walking through a steam bath:

Caboose on the road

We found a shady place in front of a car body shop. I sat down and had some peaches and some canned vegetables:

shady place

I spent more than an hour there, looking at the traffic on the road. It wasn’t much – a few cars, a few trucks. Apart from that, there was just hot, damp silence:


I noticed that there was a detour through the villages that seemed very promising, so I took it. There were fields:

Caboose in the fields

There was the occasional trash container:

trash container

There were country houses on stilts:

house in the countryside

Then the Caboose and I left that road, too, and set out on a little gravel track:

bend in the road

I was a bit worried about having to ford waters again, but there was a nice bridge with two flags:


And after that, there was one of the most beautiful stretches of road I had ever walked on:

awesome place

(Okay, you have to mentally get rid of the trash in the lower right corner.)

Then, suddenly, as I was still fawning over the beauty of that road, I found myself back on the highway:

back on the highway

I was still able to see the forest, but only from a distance:

nordic forest

I walked until sundown, which was when I reached the little town of Paresar:

little shop

I walked past its main mosque:

mosque in Paresar

And then I walked some more:

into Paresar

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