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This morning my friend Hooman took me to a waterfall:

with Hooman

But first, we had to cross this bridge:

Visadar waterfall bridge

The waterfall was enchanting:

Visadar waterfall

It was the kind of place that makes you want to take off your clothes and swim (and possibly drink a Mojito). Of course none of this was possible. But it was awesome to be there anyway:

Visadar waterfall basin

On our way back we had to cross the bridge again:

Hooman on the bridge

Then Hooman and his family invited me to lunch:

lunch at Hooman’s place

And then I got back on the road. It was a sunny day, and with only 13 kilometers to go it was going to be an easy day, too:

gravel pit

It wasn’t so easy for Iran’s drivers, though. Just as there were occasional power outages, there were also gasoline shortages, and today was one of them:

gas station with no gas

I walked past these two dudes selling corn cobs on the roadside:

dudes selling stuff on the highway

I walked past a few graves:


And I walked past these two dudes on a motorcycle who gave me an ice-cream bar:

dudes on a motorcycle

The sun was setting on the forest and, again, I felt enchanted:

in a forest

When I saw a path that led through the forest, I took it:

road into the forest

So I walked in the wrong direction for a while, while the sky was getting dark and the forest was closing in around me.

And then, after nightfall, I was back on the highway again:

back on the highway

Walking around in the forest had added a bit to the total distance. It was late, and I felt very tired. So at some point I started listening to metal, and the walking was good again:

walking with metal

I arrived in a strange hotel that was apparently owned by the Iranian Ministry of Defense:

Hodhod hotel

It looked like a normal hotel. The standard was okay. It was clean. The people were nice. There were just more pictures of the Supreme Leadership. And it was a bit more expensive than other hotels.

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