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The hotel had a breakfast option where you could choose two nutella pancakes stacked on top of each other:

pancake for breakfast

I decided to make this my daily routine.

A blister on my right foot had gotten inflamed (probably because of my water antics two days earlier), so I treated it with iodine and hung out in the hotel.

I only went out once in order to obtain some fruits:

fruit shop in Lahijan

And when I did I noticed a shrine that was just around the corner from the fruit stand:

Lahijan Emamzadeh

So I went there:

shrine in Lahijan

One thing that has always been interesting to me in Iran is the omnipresence of the political leadership (past and present):

Emamzadeh in Lahijan

There was a rack with a bunch of green lamps at the shrine. I had never noticed them at any other religious place:

green lamps

There were sleeping people everywhere. I liked this a lot about Iranian religious places. You could go there to worship:

inside Lahijan shrine

But you could also just hang out and relax:

afternoon at the shrine

Daily video:


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