I hate tunnels

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I said goodbye to the Red Crescent dudes:

Red Crescent dudes

Then I was back on the road, which had started to wind around the mountains:

road to Bojnurd

Sometimes, in the valleys, I saw fields of rape (or: rapeseed), and somehow there were always people in them who were taking selfies:

more rape fields

My back felt better than the day before, and I was in good spirits, singing Prince songs, having tea on the roadside:

roadside tea

I waved at shepherds with their flocks of sheep:


I talked to handsome dudes:

handsome dudes

And I was generally having a good time, until I ran into a goddamned tunnel:

tunnel exit

Tunnels are the worst, and I have always hated them. Especially since having the Caboose, because it meant that I couldn’t hide on the narrow sidewalks anymore.

It was miserable:


But we made it through.

On the other side, a group of people were looking down at me from a hill:

people on a hill

Maybe this meant I could have circumvented the tunnel on a mountain path?

Anyway, I went to a shop and got some water and some cookies. And some chocolate milk.

shop dudes

Next to the shop there was a place that apparently sold minarets:

minaret wholesale

And then the sun set in a nice, soft way that looked like the word “rosรฉ”:

sunset in the mountains

I tried to take a photo of the Caboose and me walking into the sunset:

walking into the sunset

It was then that I wished for a travel partner who could have taken this kind of photo for me.

Daily video:


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360 degree video of the tunnel:


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