heavy clouds and a red crescent

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I was told that a Spanish traveler had arrived in my hotel.
A Spanish woman? I asked.
The answer was no, no, no, a shake of the head.

The dude’s name was Raul, and his motorcycle was a bit intimidating, a machine designed to grind the concrete and make dust fly:

motorcycle in Shirvan

Reza from the hotel went through a little farewell ceremony when we left:


And then the Caboose and I walked slowly into traffic:

into traffic in Shirvan

We stopped at a fruit shop to get some apples:

fruit shop in Shirvan

And one time I freaked out an old gentleman because I was photographing the window of his car – there was a sticker of a German automobile club on it:

German auto club

Then, after maybe a half hour or so, Shirvan relaxed its grip on us, and the open road started emerging:

leaving Shirvan

If you thought the blue truck in the last picture was carrying a big load, think again:

loaded car

It was good walking, only my back hurt and the heavy clouds hanging low over the mountains worried me a little:

clouds and road

I rested next to a field:

clouds over field

And then these two farmers appeared:


We agreed that it was of great importance to capture the moment in as many photos as possible:

having my picture taken

Then I ran into a shepherd:


I walked well into the sunset today:

sunset on the road

And when I reached the little village of Sisab, I did not go to the mosque as usual. I went to the Red Crescent, which was just next to the road, and I asked my usual question: was there a hotel nearby?

“Come in!” they said:

dinner at the Red Crescent

We had dinner, and I was given my own room.

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