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Had a great breakfast this morning:

breakfast in Bukhara

Then I got into a car that was going to take me to the border, to check on the Caboose. We didn’t go to the border right away though, because we first had to pick up some stuff from a garage:

loading up the car

When we were done, the car looked like an elephant:

the car to the border

It was a fun ride. We chatted about this and that, and everyone seemed very confused that at thirty-five I didn’t have a wife and kids, yet.

I took photos of everything:

objects in mirror

And I felt excited and scared at the same time:

ride to the border

Here’s a short clip from today:


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When we got to Marguba’s restaurant on the border, everything was just like before:

Margubaโ€™s restaurant

The Caboose was suspended from the ceiling in a shack next to the main building:

getting the Caboose

She looked alright and ready to go:

the Caboose

Only one tire was flat, so we took it to an auto-repair shop:

tire repair place

And they fixed it:

tire repair

I thanked Marguba and her brother:


It had been more than three months since I had come here with the Caboose. And now I was almost ready to pick her up and get on the road again.

When I returned to Bukhara that night, the city was bathing in a soft sunset:

Bukhara at nightfall

I walked around the back alleys for a while:

Bukhara back street

Then I ate something. Then I slept.

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