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Woke up in my tent, and hell yes, I was still alive:

waking up

And except for my friends (the cows) having disappeared, everything was just the way it should be:


It took me almost an hour to pack up all my stuff:

But after that I was back on the road again:

flat road

It wasn’t really any sort of hard walking, in fact it was pretty easy, but I felt tired anyway. And the border to Kyrgyzstan was still far away.

I saw graves on the way:


Little villages with horses:

little village

And horses next to the road:

I was basically just walking down one long and winding road:


After a while, I was really tired as hell:

And there was yet another problem.

I am not good at math. But sometimes while I’m walking, I feel like I really do have a lot of time. So today I did some calculating about my Kazakh visa. I had renewed my last visa on August 23rd, so that meant it would expire on September 22nd, which meant that I had to get to the border by September 21st. Today was September 19th.

I understood that I would never be able to make it.

So when I got to this place, I decided to get a room:


It was a rest area called Avrazia Авразия, which was owned and operated by Kurds, and it had everything: a shop, a gas station, a restaurant, a döner grill and a guesthouse.

I had come up with a plan: I would leave my stuff in a room and hitch a ride to the border. Then I would leave the country and enter again on a 15-day permit for which I didn’t need a visa.

Was this a good plan?


Too bad it didn’t work.

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