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I rarely say this, but today was not nice.

It all had to do with bureaucracy. The thing is, I am on a 30-day visa here in Kazakhstan. This visa was going to run out on the 27th of August. Today being the 23rd, I figured I would not be able make it to the border before the 27th. At least not on foot. So I needed a new visa.

I took a marshrutka to the border:

marshrutka to Korday

The ride there last about 3 hours, and all the while I was trying not to look out the window:


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It felt a little bit like scrolling through Twitter or Facebook when you haven’t seen the new season of Game Of Thrones, yet.

Spoiler alert.

The border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan turned out to be crowded and chaotic:

Korday border crossing

It took me forever to worm my way through it, and that was just one way. Once I arrived on the Kyrgyz side, I had to turn around and go back into Kazakhstan so they would activate my new visa.

And again it took…

people waiting to cross into Kazakhstan


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