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Really felt like taking pictures today.
So I took my cameras and my tripod and went to Republic Square:

Al-Farabi Avenue

There was a big monument, the Statue of Independence:

Statue of Independence

And at the foot of the statue, as I had noticed three weeks ago, an imprint of the (alleged) hand of Nursultan Nazarbayev, first President of Kazakhstan:

The President's Hand

It still seemed strange to me: yes, some societies might need certain symbols to keep them unified, but why did it have to be about individual people, why couldn’t it be about universal ideas?

I stopped thinking about this problem and instead set up my tripod next to a fountain:

fountains at dusk

When night fell, the fountains became colorful:

fountains red

And when I say colorful, I mean colorful:

fountains green

Some people were out taking photos with a sign that spelled ALMATY with an apple tree:

Almaty ร  la Amsterdam

I went back eventually:


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It felt good to have taken some photographs.
Even if they weren’t that special.

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