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One more day in Esik.

We decided to go see a waterfall. It was called Turgen Waterfall, and everybody here seemed to know it. I imagined it to be huge.


First we passed some trees that had a lot of pieces of cloth in them, just like the big tree I had seen two weeks ago:


I was told that this was a remnant from the old times, when the people of Kazakhstan hadn’t taken up the Muslim faith yet, when they still believed in Tengri.

The waterfall turned out to be nice:

Turgen waterfall

But it wasn’t really that big:

Turgen waterfall

Well, everyone seemed to like it anyway:

tourists around Turgen waterfall

I went home to play with my friend the big hooligan:


There was not much time left to play, because I would return to Almaty soon.
And to the road, eventually.

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