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This post is about a 17km walk from Heudorf to Inzigkofen. I walk past a refugee camp and a neo-gothic castle, and it rains.

The night had been a bit difficult. Two separate thunderstorms had passed by, one to the east of the hut and the other one to the west, and both had brought a bit of rain. But I had been spared the worst of it: no thunder and no lightning in close proximity, and no strong winds.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.


When I woke up I felt tired anyway. Maybe I had worried too much during the night.

I packed up and walked back to Conny’s house. My laundry was on her terrace, and it was almost dry. So I folded it and put it into the Caboose. Then I left one of my keychain fobs as a souvenir for her and started walking.

light rain

The way to Sigmaringen led past an ancient border marker. Austria had been there, for some reason, about 200 years earlier. I shrugged and kept walking.

After a patch of forest there was a military area, the Graf-Stauffenberg-Kaserne. I wasn’t quite sure if it was still in use, but I had heard that at least parts of it were being used as a refugee camp since 2015.

And some people didn’t like it. They felt threatened by the influx of refugees to their small town.

the refugee camp

When I stopped at the gate everything looked quite orderly, much more so than at the Harmanli camp in Bulgaria. People were being allowed in one by one, each having to pass a security check that reminded me of the ones they do in airports. I talked to a guard and asked about the atmosphere in the camp, and he said that it was quiet, and that he wasn’t allowed to tell me anything else.

Then I talked to a refugee who was on his way downtown. He was only eighteen years old and a Kurd from Southeastern Turkey. He said the situation there was difficult, mainly because of Erdogan. The camp was alright, he said. But what was up with the weather in Germany? It rained all the time!


We walked all the way downtown together, and once we got there, his words came true: it started raining. And I mean pouring. I sat under the overhanging roof of a supermarket for a while. Then I walked on to Sigmaringen Castle.

I didn’t go in. It was probably a nice place to visit, but I just didn’t have it in me. I was tired, and then there was the rain. Also, the castle had been rebuilt in the late 19th century according to some kind of nostalgic neo-gothic style. Those traditionalist/fascist fuckwads on social media would surely love this shit, I thought to myself.

So I left, and I walked until I arrived at a McDonald’s. There I had a McPlant burger that tasted like it had been drowned in ketchup. Then I walked the rest of the way to a guesthouse in the next village, put the Caboose in a garage, took a shower, laid down on the bed, and passed out.


the walk from Heudorf to Inzigkofen:

  • Ben

    Gotta wonder why you’re still walking west and south when your destination is north…. Suppose you have a grand plan of course!

    Here you’re within reach of day rides on the bike from where I grew up… weird place, weird people!


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