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This post is about an 8km walk from Hundersingen to Heudorf. I start the day by playing Mario Kart, and then I camp next to a forest cabin.

After breakfast the kids and I sat down and played Mario Kart. I was worried about their skills, so I picked Roy as my driver because he was heavy and, with his shades and the mic in his hand, he looked like a superstar.

the champion

We played the 100cc Flower Cup, and as it turned out I totally destroyed the competition and took home the championship.

Yes, I said, feeling surprised, YES!

“Another one!” said the kids: “how about 150cc?”

This is the part of the story where they figure out how to beat me. Or have they been duping me all along? Have they been faking their own weakness in order to lull me into a false sense of security?

Well, we played the Egg Cup in 150cc, and what can I say? I relentlessly and mercilessly crushed them. I was drifting left and right, getting a mini-boost after almost every turn, protecting myself with bananas, and my only enemy on the map was the occasional blue shell.

Those kids never had a chance.

a short walk

I liked their family, and it took me a long time to start walking. When I finally did, the sky didn’t look any better than the day before. Thick clouds were stacking themselves on top of each other, it rained every now and then, and sometimes I could hear thunder in the distance.

I walked past some very curious cows and through a patch of forest. Then I reached a cabin that was right outside a village.

Do you think I can camp there? I asked some people in a driveway not far from the cabin.

“Sure,”, they said, “if no one is renting it tonight!”


So I sat in front of the cabin, under its overhanging roof, and I had an early dinner of chilli sin carne with bell peppers and bread, while watching an episode of Futurama on my phone.

Then I had some bread with tahin pekmez while watching yet another episode of Futurama.

And then I solved my laundry problem.

thanks, Conny

I was carrying 8 pairs of socks with me, which meant that I could go about a week without wearing the same pair twice. Now I needed to wash them, but when I called a guesthouse near the next town where I wanted to rest for a few days they told me they had no washing machine I could use.

I really didn’t want to wash my laundry by hand.

So in the end I decided to pack up all of my laundry in a plastic bag, and I took it to the house that was closest to the cabin where I was staying. A lady was in her garage when I arrived, and when she understood what it was I wanted, she said: “I got you,” and: “come back tomorrow morning, I’ll hang your laundry up on the patio.”

And so my laundry issues were solved, thanks to Conny!


the walk from Hundersingen to Heudorf:

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