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This post is about pekmez and tahini, and how I think it’s extremely weird that we don’t have them in Germany.

Over the next few days I drank a lot of tea with lemon. I also took some cold medicine that the receptionist had given me.

I tried to stay in my room as much as possible. There was breakfast to be had in the morning, and for lunch I always asked for the same vegetable soup. It was good soup. For dinner I went crazy sometimes and ordered pasta. I hadn’t had any pasta for almost two months, so that was fun. One time I had a Turkish coffee in the afternoon, and then I found it difficult to fall asleep at night.

molasses and condiment

What I wanted to talk to you about, though, are two things: pekmez and tahini. They are sooooo good when you mix them together, and I think it’s extremely odd that we don’t really have this stuff in Germany. Or in many other countries.

Hazelnut cocoa spread, fruit jams, honey – all of these are very nice. But how can we deprive ourselves of pekmez and tahini?

It’s a damn shame.


Tea all day, every day:


The vegetable soup:

vegetable soup



Turkish coffee:

Turkish coffee

Pekmez and Tahini:

Pekmez and Tahini

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