a pile of shit, visible from space

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This post is about a 12km walk from Male Kosihy to Cicov. It’s a shitty day, there’s a giant pile of shit, and I lose my wallet.

I woke up next to a small puddle of water. As it turned out the tent wasn’t fully waterproof anymore.

It had been a bad night. The morning wasn’t much better, but at least it wasn’t raining anymore. I slowly packed up my stuff, then I sat with some tea in the middle of the bike path. It didn’t matter. There weren’t any cyclists anyway.

the shit

When I finally got going it felt exhausting to walk. The EuroVelo seemed to be nothing but a grey band of asphalt that stretched on forever, with green on both sides and not much else to look at. One time I passed a small settlement. It looked as if the economic development of the last few decades had mostly bypassed this place. I wondered what its inhabitants thought of this, but there was no one around whom I could ask.

I had just reached a giant pile of shit when I realized that I was walking in the wrong direction. The pile of shit was huge, though. It even showed up on the satellite pictures I was navigating with. I took a photo of myself sitting next to the pile of shit, then I turned around and went back to the right way.

the wallet

There was a forest road, and there was an encounter with a lama. Then I reached a hotel in the next village. Brad and I wanted to stay there for two days to wait out a bad weather front.

But when I tried to pay for the room I realized that my wallet was gone. Panic. Had I dropped it on the bike path, on the forest road, or next to the pile of shit? Had it been stolen by the lama?

Brad and I went to a bar next door and asked if we could borrow a bicycle. Someone said sure and pointed to a green mountain bike. Moments later I was speeding down the same way that I had come.

Past the lama.

Down the forrest road.

To the giant pile of shit.

And a bit further down the bike path.

No wallet.

Oh well, I thought, at least I tried. And I turned around and cycled back towards the hotel.

And then I found the fucking thing on the forest road.

Yes! YES!


the walk from Male Kosihy to Cicov:

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