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This post is about an 8km walk from Kravany Nad Dunajom to Radvan Nad Dunajom. We are tired and decide to just walk to the nearest motel.

I woke up a few times during the night. It was cold, especially during the early morning hours, when temperatures dropped down to two or three degrees celsius. I kept rolling back and forth, adjusting my sleeping bag and Blankie, the pink blanket I had bought in Kazakhstan.


It took us forever to get up in the morning, and when we finally did, Brad said that her night had been shitty as well. We were miserable. I looked at the map and found a motel some 9km down the road, so we decided to just go there and warm up for a day or two.

The road was alright at first. We stayed on the bike path, then we took a detour through Moca, a village with a supermarket. Brad went in and came out with a bunch of stuff. Among her new acquired, most prized possessions was a can of vegan whipped cream. Brad had been vegan for years, which meant no whipped cream for her, because the vegan kind was basically unavailable in Georgia.

She jumped up and down, then she basically inhaled the whole can, and we continued on our way.

more Hungary

One thing about this part of Slovakia that felt a bit strange was its Hungarianness. We had been looking forward to the Slavic savoir vivre ever since the border, but we couldn’t find it. The villages were quiet, just like in Hungary, most people spoke Hungarian, just like in Hungary, and there were little red-white-and-green flags everywhere, just like in Hungary.

When we arrived at the motel, the people there spoke Hungarian as well. They gave us two bowls of rice with some salad. That was the only vegan option on the menu, but we were very happy anyway. We got a room, plugged the firestick into the TV, turned on Love Is Blind, ate our rice with salad, and each opened a can of Royal Crown.

Then I did my laundry for a few hours.


the walk from Kravany Nad Dunajom to Radvan Nad Dunajom:

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