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Today I decided that I needed a blanket. Because what if I ended up in a situation where I had to camp or sleep in a cold room?

I only had a summer sleeping bag with me, and I wanted a blanket badly.

So I walked around town looking for the local bazaar.

I found a shiny shopping mall:

Merki shopping center

But it was as closed as it was shiny:

new shopping center

Well, actually it wasn’t really closed. It just hadn’t opened yet.

Then I found the bazaar:

Merki bazaar

But what do you know? Monday was apparently the day off at the bazaar:


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Fuggidifuck, I thought, as I continued wandering around.

Eventually I found a building with shops, some of which were open:

golden horse

Apart from golden horses they sold all kinds of colorful things:

colorful things to buy

And I got my blanket:

my new blanket

It is pink and very large. And I like it very much.

Went to the same restaurant as every night for dinner:

lagman for dinner

And after that, when I went to a shop to get a candy bar I realized that the whole world was apparently being cumberbatched:

little shop

And rightly so.

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