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This post is about a 16km walk from Obid to Kravany Nad Dunajom. We run a little short on supplies, but Brad saves the day.

We had pitched our tent next to a utility structure that we hoped would provide us with some shelter from the wind. And it had turned out to be a good night: not too cold, not too windy, and without any rain. After packing up our stuff we each ate a plant-based yogurt and a banana, then we got going.


The EuroVelo 6 was a gravel path at this point. It was a bit difficult to walk with the Caboose, but we were grateful not to be on a road with the cars. So we trudged on, leaning into the wind, listening to the hits, occasionally singing along. “You Are Not Alone” was huge today. Hee-hee!

One problem that arose was our supply situation. We had failed to stock up on bread the day before, and today was a Sunday, so all shops were closed. Also, we didn’t have any hot water anymore.

hot water problems

Hot water had increasingly become an issue on the journey. On the entirety of The Longest Way from Beijing to here, I had never bothered to carry a gas stove or to make any fires. Part of this was due to laziness, part of it was due to the wide availability of hot water. At least until Bulgaria it had been very easy to fill my thermoses at restaurants, gas stations, or private homes.

Maybe this could be thought of as one of the dividing lines between Europe and Asia: one continent knew how to appreciate hot water, the other one didn’t.

Brad does it!

We set our hopes on the village of Kravany Nad Dunajom. When we got there, however, we saw almost no people outside. Whom could we pose our almost biblical question to?

Who would give us bread and water?

In the end Brad saved the day. She used her natural Brad-charm to obtain hot water from one house and a loaf of bread from another.

We walked a bit more until we found a nice sheltered spot on the shore of the Danube, then we sat there, overlooking the river, and had our dinner.


the walk from Obid to Kravany Nad Dunajom:

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