refusing to die

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This post is about a 24km walk from Újhartyán to Alsónémedi. I fail to enter a 13th century church, but then I see some amazing sunflowers.

When I started walking it was noon, and the Caboose felt a bit heavier. I had received many gifts: a bottle of homemade palinka, a pot of honey, a jar of marmalade, a bunch of grapes, and some peppers. One of the peppers was supposed to be very hot.

closed churches and hills

I walked for 18km straight until I reached a small town called Ócsa. There was a 13th century church that I wanted to look at, but when I got there in the late afternoon, it was closed. I found a picnic area next to the church and sat down. Lunch was bread with ayvar and peppers (one of them was very hot indeed), then the grapes.

When I continued walking I suddenly noticed a hill on the horizon. I hadn’t seen a single hill for more than two weeks, and it dawned on me that this had to be Budapest. It felt a bit hard to believe that I would arrive there the next day. And yet here I was.

the sunflowers

I left the road and cut into the fields, on a narrow dirt path that was surprisingly muddy. And then I saw the sunflowers. There were three of them: two small ones and one that was tiny. But they were yellow. They stood in a limitless expense of their dead siblings, fields of sunflowers that looked withered, crippled, brown, and dry. And yet here they were, with their yellow little sunflower faces and their green stalks, refusing to die.

Oh, how I loved them.


the walk from Újhartyán to Alsónémedi:

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